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Arizona: No to Mexicans, Yes to Guns in Restaurants

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If racial profiling isn't enough to keep you out of Arizona, how about their new concealed weapons law? Starting July 29th, anyone over 21 who isn't legally prohibited (felons, foreigners) from carrying a weapon can carry a concealed gun without a permit. Food establishments in Arizona are still figuring out how to deal with the law—if they prohibit weapons on their premises to keep customers uncomfortable with guns happy, they risk alienating gun rights advocates, who vow to vote with their dollars and boycott places that ban their weapons. Sites like GunBurger build databases so customers can tell which establishments are pro and which are anti-carry.

Customers are allowed to carry weapons into establishments that serve alcohol, like bars and restaurants, but not to actually consume any. Which sounds like a good idea, except that if you've ever spent any time where alcohol's served, you've routinely seen people get progressively drunk until they're belligerently demanding more alcohol from the bartender or picking pointless violent fights with other patrons till they get tossed out of the bar, often to get behind the wheel of a car and DUI their way home.

Now imagine someone wearing the exact same bad idea jeans, except with a concealed weapon neither the bartender nor the other patrons don't even know they have. Terrifying!

But then again, maybe we're being reactionary. Or even discriminatory! Perhaps because we're headquartered in liberal NYC, where concealed carry is illegal and people will immediately call 911 if they see a gun in the hands of someone who isn't a uniformed cop, we're bigots that just don't understand the deep love that's possible between a man and his weapon.

Maybe that love deserves to live in the open, instead of being kept behind closed doors, in the closet. The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac walked a mile in their shoes:

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