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The Kids These Days and Their Food Blogs!

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The Associated Press filed a story about the kids these days and how they write about their lunch and blog about cooking! They don't buy magazines like Gourmet and they don't even look at cookbooks, preferring to go online for recipes.

Also, they can't cook, at least Slashfood editorial director Cheryl Brown thinks so, accusing the kids of "having an amazing breadth of food knowledge but not having the kitchen basics." Who knew that trussing a chicken was such an important skill?

And then the article takes a bizarre turn, with author Laura Shapiro in some techno-haze, condemning "these dimwits who go to 16 restaurants a week and say, 'We had this there, but couldn't get in there.' Who cares?" Is she talking about Twitter?

· Young foodies more exhibitionist, less highbrow [AP]

Brian Kraus of Eating Albany [Photo: AP]