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Mario Batali on The Daily Show

Last night renowned chef Mario Batali paid a visit to the Daily Show to promote his new cookbook. The conversation was wide-ranging: Jon Stewart's catering experience ("They never let me make shit"), dick jokes, Batali's thoughts on the KFC Double Down ("I'm not averse to the idea of using protein as bread"), and if Batali can enjoy a meal and not be critical ("My favorite thing to eat is anything anyone else makes").

Then came a discussion on yelling in the kitchen: "I am decidedly not Gordon Ramsay," said Batali, opining as to why Ramsay always uses his "outside, angry voice" and not an inside voice: "You have no idea how complicated that inside voice may be yelling at him from inside. Generally chefs that yell at their cooks, are expressing their own self-loathing for not having prepared their staff to do the job they knew was coming at them." Burn!

Video: Mario Batali on The Daily Show

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