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Who Will Gordon Ramsay Yell at in Hell's Kitchen Season 7?

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Hell's Kitchen, the favorite chef competition show of people that don't have cable, the show that Anthony Bourdain called a "circus of cruelty," is returning to the airwaves on June 1st. A list of the 16 contestants that Gordon Ramsay will scream at during season seven has just been released, and although Fox has provided us with a bit of their background info, at this time we still don't know who exactly will be:

· the princess who's forced to get some dirt under her fingernails
· the hayseed whose years of chain restaurant cooking gives him a surprising advantage
· the ex-con who needs to win this thing to prove to his family that he's a man
· the heartthrob with a short fuse who "just wants to f****king cook"

Hell's Kitchen will run in two-hour installments (!!!) on Tuesdays throughout the summer until July 16th, when it will be trimmed down to an hour as the lead-in for Gordon Ramsay's newest cooking competition show, Masterchef.

Red Team
Autumn Lewis: 29, personal chef from North Hollywood, CA
Fran Klier: 44, catering chef from Rockville Centre, NY
Holli Ugalde: 24, banquet chef from San Bernardino, CA
Jamie Bisoulis: 26, sous chef from Chicago, IL
Maria Torrisi: 24, kitchen supervisor from Scranton, PA
Nilka Hendricks: 28, line cook from West Hempstead, NY
Siobhan Allgood: 25, pub executive chef from Philadelphia, PA
Stacey Slichta: 38, private chef, Studio City, CA

The Blue Team
Andrew Forester: 28 farmer from Wake Forest, NC
Benjamin Knack: 33, culinary instructor from Malden, MA
Ed Battaglia: 28, high school cooking teacher from Edgewater Park, NJ
Jason Ellis: 37, personal chef from Suwanee, GA
Jay Santos: 32, executive chef from Medford, MA
Mikey Termini: 29-year-old line cook from Kihei, Maui, HI
Salvatore Coppola: 35, pizzeria chef from Laurel Springs, NJ
Scott Hawley: 32, executive chef from New York, NY

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