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Adam Roberts (The Amateur Gourmet) Gets a Cookbook Deal

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Blogger Adam Roberts (aka The Amateur Gourmet, the "self-styled kitchen novice") announced on his blog today that Artisan signed him on for his second book, this time a cookbook. (Full disclosure: I have in the past and continue to do web design and development for Adam.) Artisan is the publisher of many big-name, award-winning cookbooks, including Thomas Keller's and Eric Ripert's.

In his own words: "It'll involve various characters and personalities--some known, others unknown--and it'll reflect the spirit, the humor and the passion that drives this blog." Talking to Adam, he shared some more details: the yet-unnamed cookbook — with an estimated spring 2012 release date — will have him crisscrossing the country to cook with and learn from professional chefs and home cooks, in what he calls an "ambitious roster."

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[Photo: Adam Roberts]