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Welcome Aboard Joshua David Stein to Eater National

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If your eyes have fallen upon our Open Letter to Alan Richman, the Illustrated Guide to Woefully Unmade Ramp Dishes, or Eater's recent conversation with Thomas Keller, then this next bit of news should not surprise you. The Gentleman Joshua David Stein (at left in photo at right) has officially joined Eater National as our new Senior Editor.

In this role, Stein will be undertaking interviews and event coverage, proffering plenty of his trademark cartoons, and working on a new project that's still top secret but that has us pretty darn excited. As for Stein himself, if you haven't had the pleasure: he is either 28 or 29; is the editor-at-large at OUT magazine; and contributes frequently to other magazines, newspapers, and internet outposts (including The Guardian, T Magazine, and New York.) Mostly he lives to eat and to write Bespoke Erotica. Do say hello: he's, on AIM as twicethemanasyou, and web-located here.