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Joël Robuchon Thinks Molecular Gastronomy Is So Over

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The New York Post catches up with French chef and owner of 25 Michelin stars Joël Robuchon, who says that molecular gastronomy is so totally over:

Too many chefs are attracted to molecular gastronomy... It’s not the kind of cuisine that should be important, with all the additives. I know I was really the first one to make it famous, but I have complete control of what I’m doing. The danger is that those who don’t have the knowledge and that control start using additives that are not acceptable.

And in a defiant turn, Robuchon is now doing the "reverse" of molecular gastronomy: "I’m working with scientists to find ingredients and produce that are proven to be good for you. Turmeric is very good for you. White tea is better than green tea."

· In the kitchen with Joël Robuchon [NY Post]
[Photo: NY Post]