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Chef-Centric Episode of Castle: Death By Molecular Gastronomy, Plus a Rocco DiSpirito Cameo

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Last night's episode of Castle was chef- and food-centric — titled "Food to Die For," har har — complete with a cameo by none other than celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito. Castle is a pretty tepid procedural crime drama, but in this episode, the victim was the chef Balthazar Wolf, a "follower of molecular gastronomy" who was murdered (frozen!) with liquid nitrogen in the kitchen of his hot New York restaurant "Q3." "It's usually pretty safe unless someone dumps it on you," says the lab technician.

Taking the authenticity factor further, chef Balthazar Wolf was a winner of "Kitchen Wars" season six, a fake mashup of Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen. Castle even included clips of the reality show, in which he and a fellow contestant get all shouty about veal, sabotaging each other, and slamming a knife through a fish. So his main rival who came in second is, of course, a suspect. But when interviewed by the police, she admits that the rivalry was "just an act... win or lose you want people to remember your name when it's over. That's how you build your brand."

Clip 1: Dead Chef

Clip 2: Kitchen Wars

Clip 3: More Kitchen Wars and Interview with Contestant

Clip 4: Rocco Dispirito Cameo

Full Episode on Hulu

· Castle: Food to Die For [Hulu]