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Geoffrey Zakarian Bites Off Mor(imoto) Than He Can Chew on Iron Chef America

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Last night on Iron Chef America, New York City chef and frequent Chopped judge Geoffrey Zakarian came to do battle in Kitchen Stadium. When asked by the Chairman, "Which Iron Chef will see your dazzling dishes and wave the white apron of surrender?" Zakarian replied, "Today I came for the ultimate challenge, so I choose a chef who has amazing skills I do not possess. For that reason, I choose Iron Chef [Masaharu] Morimoto." Battle Sardines, however, did not go in Zakarian's favor (it wasn't even close), as Morimoto delivered a pretty epic beatdown, with judges Anya Fernald, Donatella Arpaia, and a be-Snookied Danyelle Freeman handing over a devastating, lopsided score of 57 to 43.

Video: Zakarian's Dishes

Video: Morimoto's Dishes

Video: Final Judgment

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