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European Non-Alcoholic Beer Ad Starring Mickey Rourke

A new European commercial for Bavaria 0.0%, a non-alcoholic beer, features a star turn by one of Hollywood’s most notorious reformed alcoholics — Mickey Rourke. In the spot, the Iron Man 2 actor heads straight to the bar after being told by a concierge that the hotel he’s staying in does not allow dogs (Rourke always travels with at least one Chihuahua). After asking the barkeep to give him a “fucking beer," the savvy bartender secretly hands him a non-alcoholic Bavaria 0.0%. None the wiser, Mickey loves the stuff — it even loosens him up enough to make some new lady-friends. The real kicker however, is what happens in his hotel room.

· Bavaria nieuwe 0.0% commercial - Mickey Rourke [Youtube via Adweek]