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Cit-Crit: Criticism Executed by Non-Professionals

Cit-Crit • \cit-CRIT\ • noun

Definition: Any sort of criticism—including but not limited to culinary criticism—executed by non-professional yet rational actors; though able to survive on the printed page, cit-crit has become most common in digital form.

It should be noted: Though cit-crit is found most often online, not all online content falls under the aegis of cit-crit. This is especially true of major newspapers whose grasps at sustainability include forcing professional critics to weblog their thoughts on the internet.

Controversy: Cit-crit has come to be vilified by proponents of a professional class of critics, mostly professional critics themselves, most notably by Alan Richman of GQ magazine (see: douchebag) and who see it as an encroachment onto their rightful terrain. These people are wrong.

Etymology: Related to both to lit-crit and priapic, cit-crit has, at time of publication, gone sadly uncoined by the minters of new words, the cit-crits themselves. It has been suggested this is due to a general lack of a lexicographical governing body and a clear definition. This definition is an attempt to remedy that.

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