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Patrón Secret Dining Society Touches Down in Portland

Last Friday, on a chilly night in Portland, Ore., several dozen members of the Patrón Social Club undertook The Hunt. Their journey began with a mysterious invitation. Then, on the day of the event, they received a call from the Patrón concierge telling them to go to a local book store, where they were given the address to the secret venue along with a password to gain admittance to a culinary and cocktail journey through forbidden flavors.

When they arrived at the address, on the edges of Portland's Old Town, they found a storefront with no signage and paper covering the windows. But a man stood by the door, offering admittance upon recitation of each individual's password. Once inside, a candlelit chamber, a large wood-fired pizza oven, and a cocktail called "Silver Alps" greeted them. There, at the bar, mixing the first of the evening's drinks—this one made with Patrón Silver, fresh lime, elderflower liqueur, and topped with sparkling wine?stood Jonny Ericsen, the mixologist from downtown hotspot Clyde Common. And there, by the wood-fired oven, stood chef Naomi Pomeroy, she of Portland favorite eatery Beast (and a 2009 Food & Wine Best New Chef Award). They had arrived at the Patrón Secret Dining Society. More>>