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Vegan Nutritionists Ask KFC to Keep Double Down Sandwich Away from Children


It's hard these days to be surprised by a press release decrying KFC's infamous Double Down sandwich. It's amusing that people are so outraged by how many calories the Double Down has, given that there are at least ten fattier drinks at Starbucks. So really, kudos to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for their amazingly WTF Nanny State: What About The Children? press release that requests KFC 1) follow FDA guidelines for tobacco and not advertise the Double Down near schools and 2) that KFC adds this warning to Double Down packaging: "Eating meat can contribute to obesity in children, and can increase their risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer." Wait, WHAT?

They don't mention it anywhere in their press release, or even on their website's about page, but it turns out the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is run by vegans and promotes a vegan diet for all. Which they certainly have every right to do, and more power to them for working towards their beliefs, bla bla bla—but damn, at least PETA's always upfront about their crazy. And when PETA makes you look shady by comparison, that's a pretty bad thing.

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