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The NBA to Stick Edible Team Logos on Pizzas

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Team pizzas
Team pizzas
Photos: USA Today

Basketball fans are hungry to show support for their local sports affiliate, or at least the NBA thinks so. So the logical conclusion is to make edible team logos that can be put on a pizza. The logos, made of sugar, starch, and food coloring, reports USA Today, will add around $5 to the price of a pizza. Which seems like a lot? Since pizzas normally sell for around $10?

Here's how it works:

The logos won't be sold directly to consumers but to some 1,200 independent pizza parlors nationwide. The paper-thin logos come in 12-pack resealable pouches. The image is placed atop the pizza after it has been fully baked and sliced. The logo then melts into the cheese.

"A lot of people watching NBA games on TV tend to eat," said the NBA's head of global merchandising. Surely you can imagine that on game night people will call their local pizzeria and pay the extra price (no way a business is going to give that away for free), because nothing says "Go Team!" like eating a reasonable facsimile of your favorite team's logo.

Trying to make up for lost revenue because apparel sales are down, the NBA is plastering logos on, well, everything. For examples, see the slideshow for things like branded coffee and M&Ms, toasters that burn the team logo on bread ($39.99), and a themed outdoor gas grill ($1,000).

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