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Confirmed: In-N-Out Burger to Open Locations in Texas

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Texans, rejoice! The rumors were true: In-N-Out Burger is expanding to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. Today we received confirmation from In-N-Out HQ that the Southern California burger chain is officially working on a location in Garland, TX, a suburb northeast of Dallas.

And one of potentially many to come, as "Garland is, in fact, one of the locations that we are currently working on," Carl Van Fleet, Vice President of Planning and Development told us. "We continue to work on a number of site opportunities in the DFW market. We're enthusiastic about the Garland location but there is still work to be done, as there is on all of our projects in the area.

Dates remain to be determined, however, because "it is still early in the process, it would be premature to speculate as to when we might actually open."

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