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Man Spends 24 Hours at Starbucks, Fails to Caffeine Overdose

Bad coffee! Piped-in muzak! Uncomfortable chairs! Dirty bathrooms! Semi-fascist management policies! Bayan Rabbani could've been stuck at pretty much any crappy airport lounge in the United States, waiting for a epically delayed flight to start boarding, but no, all this misery was self-inflicted: Rabbani, survivor of a 24 hours in Wal-Mart experiment and former Starbucks employee, decided it would be a good idea to spend 24 hours at Starbucks.

Naturally, he tweeted the entire experience, with missives ranging from the perceptive:

"So many good looking couples are here now gettng breakfast... probably up late last night "doing next year's taxes." 8:22 AM May 14th

to the terrifying:

"Having technical difficulties with body... my bones are deteriorating. On bright side, my brain is telling me that I can now smell glass." 7:32 PM May 14th

to the inventive:

"Just ordered the longest named drink at Starbucks, it'll take 2 tweets: tall, sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla soy, double shot" 11:55 PM May 14th

"Decaf, no foam, extra hot, peppermint white chocolate mocha, light whip, extra syrup" 11:57 PM May 14th

During his 24 hours at Starbucks, Rabbani managed to take 19 bathroom breaks, consume a whopping 25 drinks, and an undisclosed number of sandwiches. It's a pity he doesn't share the actual list of drinks ordered because it'd be pretty interesting (and probably horrific) to do the math on the number of calories he actually drank—every single one of the top ten most fat-filled drinks at Starbucks has a higher calorie count than every healthy eater's current favorite whipping boy, the KFC Double Down.

Video: Houston Chronicle Report

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