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Taco Bell's Super Delicious Ingredient Force Cartoon

Come to terms with the fact that nothing from your childhood is sacred: GI Joe was a horrible movie, the A-Team movie is coming out soon, etc. And now Taco Bell is taking inspiration from (or co-opting, you choose) the cartoon series Super Friends to make a nominally-funny yet well-executed four-minute cartoon called the Super Delicious Ingredient Force. Featuring the super-heroes Caption Enchilada Sauce, Fantastic Rice, and Steak Maximus, the "defenders of taste buds throughout the United States and Canada" take off in an El Camino to battle the Cruddy Combo Clan. It's basically a commercial for their $2 Meal Deal, and oh, there's also a website for the Super Delicious Ingredient Force that has the promise of two more episodes. Something to look forward to, we guess.

Video: Super Delicious Ingredient Force

· Super Delicious Ingredient Force: Episode 1 [YouTube via Adweek]