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Vodka Eyeballing: Doing Vodka Shots Through Your Eyes

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The Daily Mail is the sort of paper that gets incredibly excited to run "Jennifer Aniston depressed, still misses Brad!"-type stories because they've come across a new photo of her frowning on the wires, so it's not surprising that their Barbara Davies is sounding the alarms over what she claims is a trend sweeping through the US and UK—vodka eyeballing, which is when stupid people decide it would be clever to take a shot of vodka by pouring it against one of their eyeballs. I know, RIGHT? So why do people do it?

Because they're young, stupid or drunk, or any combination of the three—basically the same reasons most teenagers and college students get into trouble. They're told vodka eyeballing is a more efficient way to get drunk than actual drinking because the alcohol "passes easily through the mucous membrane and enters the bloodstream directly through veins at the back of the eye" but uh, anyone who does this has to ALREADY BE DRUNK. It's painful! I mean, watch this video:

And speaking of videos: for something that the Daily Mail says is a craze, there are only 94 results for "vodka eyeball" on YouTube. 94! That's not even a glimmer of a craze. Meanwhile Ruth Bourdain's got over 7000 followers on Twitter, making him/her over 70 times more popular than vodka eyeballing.

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