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Food Blogger Wants Better Lighting in Restaurants

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In this AP story about food bloggers giving rise to "pasta paparazzi" — was the term "food paparazzi" not good enough? — they talk to Chuck Arendt who blogs at Chuck Eats. He told the AP that he is no fan of restaurants telling him whether he can or can not take photographs: "It is my food and I should be able to do what I like with it... I can understand 'creating a mood,' but that's generally not a place I want to visit... People should be allowed to take photos," he said.

But he also made some absurd suggestions regarding how restaurants should treat food bloggers: "I think it's in restaurants' best interests to accommodate them just a bit more, better lighting for example." While we're at it, how about a permanent light box in the middle of the dining room? Should restaurants provide light meters? Instead of high chairs, should they make tripods available?

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[Photo: Los Angeles Times]