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Winners: 2010 James Beard Foundation Media & Book Awards

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Last night the James Beard Foundation announced the winners of the 2010 James Beard Foundation Media & Book Awards. Congratulations all around! Highlights from this year include:

· TV Food Personality: Andrew Zimmern
· Television Segment: ABC News Nightline
· Food Blog: Serious Eats
· Cookbook of the Year: The Country Cooking of Ireland by Colman Andrews
· Newspaper Food Section: The Washington Post
· M.F.K. Fisher Distinguished Writing Award: Francine Prose, Saveur, “Faith and Bacon”
· Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Reviews: Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly
· Website Focusing on Food, Beverage, Restaurant, or Nutrition:
· General Cooking: Ad Hoc at Home by Thomas Keller

Upsets from this year include:

· The French Culinary Institute's The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts beating out David Chang and Peter Meehan's Momofuku in the "Cooking from a Professional Point of View" category.
· Food Network Canada's French Food at Home with Laura Calder (a show that hasn't even aired yet in the United States) beating out Barefoot Contessa and Iron Chef America in the "Television Show, In Studio or Fixed Location" category.
· Rick Moonen's Chefs A’ Field: King of Alaska beating out Ruth Reichl's Gourmet’s Adventures with Ruth in the "Television Show, On Location" category.

(Winners in bold)


Category: American Cooking

My New Orleans
by John Besh
(Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC)

Real Cajun
by Donald Link with Paula Disbrowe
(Clarkson Potter)

The Lee Bros. Simple Fresh Southern: Knockout Dishes with Down-Home Flavor
by Matt Lee, Ted Lee
(Clarkson Potter)

Category: Baking and Dessert

by James Peterson
(Ten Speed Press)

DamGoodSweet: Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, New Orleans Style
by David Guas, Raquel Pelzel
(The Taunton Press)

Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day
by Peter Reinhart
(Ten Speed Press)

Category: Beverage

Been Doon So Long: A Randall Grahm Vinthology
by Randall Grahm
(University of California Press)

The King of Vodka: The Story of Pyotr Smirnov and the Upheaval of an Empire
by Linda Himelstein

World Whisky
by Charles Maclean
(DK Publishing)

Category: Cooking from a Professional Point of View

Araxi: Seasonal Recipes from the Celebrated Whistler Restaurant
by James Walt
(Douglas & McIntyre)

by David Chang, Peter Meehan
(Clarkson Potter)

The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts
by The French Culinary Institute with Judith Choate
(Stewart, Tabori & Chang)

Category: General Cooking

Ad Hoc at Home
by Thomas Keller
(Artisan Books)

Salt to Taste: The Keys to Confident, Delicious Cooking
by Marco Canora with Catherine Young

The Pleasures of Cooking for One
by Judith Jones
(Alfred A. Knopf)

Category: Healthy Focus

Eating Well Comfort Foods Made Healthy
by Jesse Price, the Editors of EatingWell
(The Countryman Press)

Golden Door Cooks at Home: Favorite
Recipes from the Celebrated Spa
by Dean Rucker with Marah Stets
(Clarkson Potter)

Love Soup: 160 All-New Vegetarian Recipes from the Author of The Vegetarian Epicure
by Anna Thomas
(W.W. Norton & Company)

Category: International

Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy
by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, Tanya Bastianich Manuali
(Alfred A. Knopf)

Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking
by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo
(Chronicle Books)

The Country Cooking of Ireland
by Colman Andrews
(Chronicle Books)

Category: Photography

Eat Ate
Photographer: Earl Carter
(Chronicle Books)

New American Table
Photographer: Paul Brissman
(John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)

Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way
Photographer: Santiago Solo Monllor
(Artisan Books)

Category: Reference and Scholarship

Chop Suey: A Cultural History of Chinese Food in the United States
by Andrew Coe
(Oxford University Press)

Encyclopedia of Pasta
by Oretta Zanini de Vita
Translated by: Maureen B. Fant
(University of California Press)

Larousse Gastronomique: The World's Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia, Completely Revised and Updated
by Librarie Larousse
(Clarkson Potter)

Category: Single Subject

Pasta Sfoglia
by Ron Suhanosky, Colleen Suhanosky
(John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)

Weber’s Way to Grill
by Jamie Purviance
(Oxmoor House)

Well-Preserved: Recipes and Techniques for Putting Up Small Batches of Seasonal Foods
by Eugenia Bone
(Clarkson Potter)

Category: Writing and Literature

Save the Deli
by David Sax
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

The Seasons on Henry’s Farm: A Year of Food and Life on a Sustainable Farm
by Terra Brockman
(Agate Surrey)

Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal
by Tristram Stuart
(W.W. Norton & Company)


The Country Cooking of Ireland
by Colman Andrews
(Chronicle Books)


A Book of Middle Eastern Food
by Claudia Roden


Category: Audio Webcast or Radio Show

Eight Forty-Eight
Hosts: Alison Cuddy, Richard Steele
Area: Chicago, Online
Producer: Aurora Aguilar

The Kojo Nnamdi Show
Host: Kojo Nnamdi
Area: Washington, D.C., Online
Producers: Tara Boyle, Michael Martinez, Ingalisa Schrobsdorff, Brendan Sweeney, Diane Vogel

The Splendid Table
Host: Lynne Rossetto Kasper
Area: National, Online
Producers: Jennifer Russell, Sally Swift

Category: Television Show, In Studio or Fixed Location

Barefoot Contessa
Host: Ina Garten
Network: Food Network
Producers: Olivia Ball, Carl Green, Rachel Purnell, Sophie Seiden, Pacific Productions

French Food at Home with Laura Calder
Host: Laura Calder
Network: Food Network Canada
Producer: Johanna Eliot

Iron Chef America
Host: Alton Brown
Network: Food Network
Producers: John Bravakis, Eytan Keller, Stephen Kroopnick, Stu Schreiberg

Category: Television Show, On Location

The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Obsessions
Network: Food Network
Producers: David Hoffman, Lauren Lexton, Tom Rogan, Eddie Saenz

Chefs A’ Field: King of Alaska
Host: Rick Moonen
Network: PBS
Producers: Heidi Hanson, Chris Warner

Gourmet’s Adventures with Ruth: The Bertinet Kitchen, Bath
Host: Ruth Reichl
Network: PBS
Producers: Christopher Collins, Deborah Hurley, Lydia Tenaglia

Category: TV Food Personality

Andrew Zimmern
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
Network: The Travel Channel

Alton Brown
Good Eats
Network: Food Network

Rick Bayless
Mexico One Plate at a Time
Network: PBS

Category: Television Special

A Moveable Feast with America’s Favorite Chefs
Hosts: José Andrés, Lidia Bastianich, Rick Bayless, Chris Kimball, Ruth Reichl, Ming Tsai
Network: PBS
Producers: Anne Adams, Laurie Donnelly, Deborah J. Hurley

Emeril Green: Emeril’s Culinary Adventure: Napa
Host: Emeril Lagasse
Network: Planet Green
Producers: Dominique Andrews, Jim Brennan, Elina Brown, Karen Katz, Charissa Melnick, Marie Ostrosky, Amy Smolens, Nancy Swenton

Food Trip with Todd English
Host: Todd English
Network: PBS
Producers: Matt Cohen, Joel Colblenz, Todd English, Gina Gargano

Category: Television Segment

ABC News Nightline
Host: John Berman
Network: ABC
Producer: Sarah Rosenberg

Hosts: Anthony Everett, Mary Richardson
Network: WCVB-TV Boston
Producers: Chris Stirling, Stan Leven

ABC 7 News Friday Night Special: Hungry Hound
Host: Steve Dolinsky
Network: ABC
Producer: Badriyyah Waheed

Emeril Green: Emeril’s Culinary Adventure: Napa
Host: Emeril Lagasse

Category: Video Webcast

Always Hungry Video
Host: Jeff Zalaznick
Producers: Jamie Meyer, Jeff Zalaznick

Food. Curated.
Host: Liza de Guia
Producer: Liza de Guia

The Greenmarket: One Farmer’s Story
Producers: Serious Eats, Optic Nerve


Category: Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Reviews

Jonathan Gold
LA Weekly
“Sauced,” “Hot Birria, Cold Cerveza,” “Hare Today”

Patric Kuh
Los Angeles
“Border Crossing,” “Peru Calling,” “The Classic”

Jason Sheehan
“White on White,” “Wonderland,” “Mourning”

Category: Food Blog

Grub Street New York
Aileen Gallagher, Daniel Maurer, Alexandra Vallis

Serious Eats
Ed Levine

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook
Hank Shaw

Category: Food-related Columns

Colman Andrews
Column: Good Living Restaurants
“Veni Vidi Vetri,” “It's Up to You, New York, New York,” “Smoke and Miracles”

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
Minnesota Monthly
“The Doughnut Gatherer,” “Capital Grills,” “Pizza Perfect”

Rachel Wharton
Edible Brooklyn
Column: Back of the House “Egg,” “Roberta’s,” “Franny’s and Bklyn Larder”

Category: Magazine Feature Writing About Restaurants and/or Chefs

Alan Richman
“American Pie”

Anya von Bremzen
“Soul of a City”

Francis Lam
“The Last Chinese BBQ”

Category: Magazine Feature Writing With Recipes

Dana Bowen
“The Wonders of Ham”

Francine Maroukian, Jon Reiner, Staff of Esquire
“How Men Eat”

Matt Goulding
Men’s Health
“The Beauty of the Beast”

Category: Magazine Feature Writing Without Recipes

Alan Richman
“Hillbilly Truffle”

Barry Estabrook
“The Price of Tomatoes”

Raffi Khatchadourian
The New Yorker
“The Taste Makers”

Category: M.F.K. Fisher Distinguished Writing Award

John T. Edge
The Oxford American
“In Through the Back Door”

Alan Richman
“Le Petit Gourmet”

Francine Prose
“Faith and Bacon”

Category: Multimedia Food Feature

Antoinette Bruno, Amanda McDougall, Jonathan J. Proville
“The Art and Economics of Charcuterie, Parts 2, 3, 4”

Kevin Pang
“The Cheeseburger Show”

Robb Walsh
“Not So Clear Cut”

Category: Newspaper Feature Writing About Restaurants and/or Chefs

Tim Carman
Washington City Paper
“How Not to Hire a Chef/The Canning Process”

Jared Jacang Maher
“A Hunger to Help”

Kevin Pang
Chicago Tribune
“Plan D”

Category: Newspaper Feature Writing

Sarah DiGregorio
The Village Voice
“Liver and Let Liver”

Cliff Doerksen
Chicago Reader
“The Real American Pie”

Mike Sula
Chicago Reader
“The Charcuterie Underground”

Category: Newspaper Food Section

The Boston Globe
Sheryl Julian

San Francisco Chronicle
Jon Bonné and Miriam Morgan

The Washington Post
Joe Yonan

Category: Reporting on Health, Environment or Nutrition

Monica Eng
Chicago Tribune
“Nacho Lunch? Yes, Every Day”

Daniel Engber
“Throwing Out the Wheat”

Rowan Jacobsen
“?Or Not to Bee”

Category: Website Focusing on Food, Beverage, Restaurants, or Nutrition
Jane Goldman
Tanya W. Steel
James Oseland

Category: Writing on Spirits, Wine, or Beer

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
Minnesota Monthly
“Chardonnay Uncorked”

Jonathan Gold
LA Weekly
“The New Cocktailians”

Lettie Teague
Food & Wine
“Is Grüner a Great Wine or a Groaner”

*For those wondering why certain favorites (Eater, the New York Times) aren't on this list, it's because journalism nominees must nominate themselves and pay a fee to the Foundation, something some publications will not do.

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