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Cold Stone Creamery Video Game: Disappointing, Inauthentic

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Cold Stone Creamery: Scoop It Up is a game for the Nintendo Wii ($18.92 at Amazon) in which players can do thrilling things like "Satisfy crowds in five different cities around the world" and "Unlock additional ice cream flavors." Also you can "Try out a variety of mini-games for single and multiplayer competition, includes Ice Cream Twisting (twist the Wii Remote to make ice cream) and Candy Topping (shake the Wii remote to make candy)." Predictably, such a game is leaving people disappointed, some maybe a little too much:

Example time! L.Kellogg, who called the video game "nothing like the real Cold Stone," went on:

When I saw "Coldstone" I was like "OMG! It's probably exactly like working at a real Coldstone where you get to measure and mix ice cream, sing songs for tips, make milkshakes and smoothies and coffee drinks, and make and decorate cakes. No instead, it's a game where you play minigames, put together a sundae, and scoop ice cream. Coldstone doesn't SCOOP ice cream! That's crazy! Coldstone is known for their mixing so a game about Coldstone Creamery should be a game about mixing ice cream and then putting it in a container.

Expecting a Wii game to be faithful to the intricacies of a Cold Stone Creamery operation? That's a little crazy. But to drop a two star (out of five) review on Amazon? That's just cruel!

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