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Bill Cosby's Jell-O Commercials from the 1980s

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Sales of Jell-O's gelatin and pudding have fallen 6% in the last year because shoppers are switching to cheaper store brands or just skipping purchases altogether (in order to save money? Because the culture is moving away from pudding?). So Jell-O figured, hey, let's throw money at the problem! and hired their old spokesman Bill Cosby for a big ad campaign to reinvigorate their brand. Which is fine except that this time around he's not starring in the ads at all. Uh, what?

Instead, Cosby is executive producing the new ads, which feature a brand-new Jell-O logo. Also, he's going on a 22-city tour in order to find the country's best giggle (yes, for real). We've seen the first of the new ads and it's kind of a snore, so here's a selection of more awesome Cosby Jell-O ads from the 1980s instead:

Introducing pudding pops:

Using reason :

The biggest guilt trip:

Docklate, banilla, squirrel:

High noon:

Shake it all about:

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