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The Timecrowave Skit on SNL: Meals From the Future, Today

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From last night's episode of Saturday Night Live: An infomercial for the Timecrowave, a microwave that uses the power of time travel to heat food. But as Gramp Pampton (Alec Baldwin) and two-time Miss Indiana runner-up Penny Shmear (Kristen Wiig) find out, potential side effects might include temporal paradoxes: If you forget to send the exact meal you ate back in time, small differences may occur in the time-space continuum. Food from the future, today!

And uh wow? Somebody already set up a Twitter account and Tumblog for the Timecrowave that includes a recipe for Welcome Back Alaska Nachos to celebrate Alaska rejoining the United States in 2014. Elaborate!

Video: Timecrowave on Saturday Night Live

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