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OMG: The Chinese Astronaut Ate Laika!

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In his new Danteanly titled memoir The Nine Levels Between Heaven and Earth, the first Chinese man in space, Yang Liwei, reveals what he ate aboard the spacecraft The Shenzhou Five in 2003. Hint: It was a dog from Huajiang county in Guangdong. As the Telegraph helpfully explains, "Huajiang dog is better for you than ginseng." Surprisingly, the rest of the menu seems pretty good (and dog-free.)

A selection of dishes from the Chinese Astronaut menu (2009 mission)

Day One: Lotus root porridge, crispy tofu with spring onions, braised yellow croaker fish, pork ribs with seaweed, spinach with minced garlic.

Day Two: Spicy pig skin, braised duck neck, hairy crab with ginger, chicken liver with chilli, pine nuts with sweetcorn, three-flavour soup.

Day Three: Poached egg in fermented rice soup, Harbin sausage, Huajiang dog, baby cuttlefish casserole, eel with green pepper, spicy beans with dried tofu.
Apples, pears and oranges served with every meal, as well as rice, noodles, sweet potatoes.

Dog on the Menu for Chinese Astronauts [Telegraph]