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A Look at Adam Perry Lang's New Cookbook BBQ 25

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"Sometimes all you want is instant gratification," writes chef/restauranteur/meatstro/barbecue expert Adam Perry Lang's in his new cookbook BBQ 25 out this week from Harper Studio ($19.99 list price or $13.59 at Amazon). It's certainly an innovative and accessible take on cookbooks, clocking in at a scant 65 pages. And as the book's title indicates, there are only 25 recipes that people "cook 95 percent of the time," so basic things: Steak! Hamburgers! Pork chops!

All in a format designed to actually be cooked from: Paperback-sized and in a thick, laminated glossy cardboard format that should ostensibly handle heavy exposure to grill heat and splatter. Call it "dude food" or just a basic intro to grilling, but at fourteen bucks, this could make a pretty decent (and cheap!) Father's Day gift. Good timing on that release Harper Studio!

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