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Le Gamin Food Truck Abandons NYC, Decamps to Los Angeles

The popular New York City Le Gamin Truck (an offshoot of the chain of NYC bistros) spent the past week driving across the country (and tweeting the whole while) to set up shop in sunny Los Angeles. According to Midtown Lunch LA, they "still need to go through all the licensing before they hit the street" but hope to be open in a couple of weeks.

Blogger and food truck impresario Zach Brooks told us that he's not surprised the truck moved, explaining that "while foot traffic doesn't compare to parking a truck in Manhattan, in Los Angeles there are far fewer hassles, including no limits on permits. Also, the weather in Los Angeles means you can vend practically every day, unlike in NYC, where snow and rain means the difference between making $1000 and a $100." In other words, New Yorkers lost a street cart over shitty weather and onerous government regulations! Los Angeles wins!

· NYC’s Le Gamin Truck Defects to Los Angeles [Midtown Lunch:LA]

Le Gamin Food Truck [Photo: Midtown Lunch LA]