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Susur Lee's Marge Simpson Dish on Top Chef Masters

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In the Simpsons-themed Quickfire on last night's episode of Top Chef Masters, chef Susur Lee selected Marge Simpson and took the challenge a little too literally, making the best approximation he could of her head. And the horror! "I'm just using food to make her come alive," said Lee, as he made her "face" with a pork chop and her "hair" from a blue potato puree piped onto the plate. Also: pretzel ears! Olive eyes! And as a final touch: an edible flower as garnish.

After not even being able to pronounce "Marge" (he pronounced it "Margh-eeuh"), Lee admitted to not having had watched the show in a while, telling the camera, "Oh my God the last cartoon I watched so long ago. And the people that are judging, they know these characters for 20-something years. This one I'm gonna have a problem." Magically he scored 3 1/2 stars out of five. Commence slideshow!

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