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Obama Gets Wings, Onion Rings and Flirtation on the Side

President Barack Obama had lunch today at the Cheektowaga, NY branch of Duff's Famous Wings, just outside of Buffalo. Obama ordered medium wings initially but was quickly talked into changing his order by Duff's regulars, to five medium wings, five extra spicy. But what did he get on the side?

Onion rings, fries and an extra special side order of flirtation courtesy of Duff's regular Luann Haley, 45, who told the Commander in Chief he was "a hottie with a smokin' little body." All for just $10.82! No one has yet figured out how hot exactly Haley's quip rates on the Scoville scale; Duff's Famous Wings are infamous even amongst hot sauce aficionados and their Armageddon wings are said to be nigh inedible at a whopping 850,000 Scovilles.

· President Obama at Buffalo chicken wings shop [NYDN]

[Photo: WSJ]

— Lia Bulaong