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Winners of the 2010 Association of Food Journalists Awards

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The Association of Food Journalists announced the winners (finalists?) of its annual awards competition, which recognizes "excellence in reporting and writing in all media, newspaper food section design and content, food illustration and food photography." The placement of the winners (first, second or third) will be announced at AFJ’s annual conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010.

Also, entry into the competition is not free: "The contest is open to any food journalist who writes in the English language; contest fees are $30 per entry for members and $40 for non-members." Which explains why you do not certain publications like The New York Times do not appear, for some publications will not pay fees to enter competitions.

Here is the list in full, listed in alphabetical order by the winner’s last name.

Winners of 2010 Association of Food Journalists Awards

Best Newspaper Food Coverage 150,000 Circulation

· Tommy Simmons, Cheramie Sonnier & Camille Cassidy, Food Staff, The Advocate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
· Andrea Weigl, Food Writer, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina
· Johnathan L. Wright, Food & Drink Editor, Reno Gazette-Journal

Best Newspaper Food Coverage 150,001-250,000 Circulation

· Karen Haram, Food Editor, San Antonio Express-News
· Staff, The Village Voice, New York, New York
· Nancy J. Stohs, Food Editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Best Newspaper Food Coverage Over 250,001 Circulation

· Deborah Hartz, Food Editor, Sun Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale FL
· Janet Keeler for The Times Staff, Lifestyles Editor, St. Petersburg Times
· Jill Silva, Food Editor, The Kansas City Star

Best Newspaper Food Feature Under 200,000 Circulation

· Gus Garcia-Roberts, Staff Writer, Miami New Times, "Pork Pirates"
· Kathleen Purvis, Food Editor, The Charlotte Observer, "Roux the Day"
· Andrea Weigl, Food Writer, The News & Observer, "When Chefs Dine"

Best Newspaper Food Feature Over 200,001 Circulation

· Georgeanne Brennan, Contributor, San Francisco Chronicle, "A Chicken in Every Pot"
· Janny Hu, Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle, "A Slam-Dunk Thanksgiving"
· Jill Silva, Food Editor, The Kansas City Star, "Outstanding in His Field"

Best Newspaper Food News Story

· Susan Sampson, Food Writer, with files from Iain Marlow, Toronto Star, "Raw Deal"
· Jackie Sayet, Editorial Contributor, Miami New Times, "Bogus Beef: Miami Restaurants say It's Kobe, But It's Not"
· Kathy Stephenson, Reporter, & Tony Semerad, The Salt Lake Tribune, "How Clean Is That Kitchen"

Best Newspaper Food Column

· Hanna Raskin, Food Editor, Mountain Xpress, Ashville, North Carolina
· Jason Wilson, Columnist, The Washington Post
· Joe Yonan, Food Editor, The Washington Post

Best Newspaper Restaurant Criticism

· Michael Bauer, Executive Food & Wine Editor, San Francisco Chronicle
· Lee Klein, Staff Writer, Miami New Times
· Tom Sietsema, Food Critic, The Washington Post

Best Newspaper Special Food Project

· Janet K. Keeler, Lifestyle Editor, with Sharon Kennedy Wynne & Laura Reiley, St. Petersburg Times
· Jill Silva, Food Editor, & Jocelyn Jacobson, Editor, House & Home, The Kansas City Star
· Elizabeth Weise, Blake Morrison, Peter Eisler & Anthony DeBarros, Reporters, USA TODAY

Best Magazine Food Feature

· Sally V. Keil, Freelance Writer, Food Arts Magazine, "The Making of a Foodtown U.S.A."
· Bryan Miller, Freelance Writer, Food Arts Magazine, "Stimuli Packaging"
· Chuck Salter, Senior Writer, Fast Company, "Why America Is Addicted to Olive Garden"

Best Internet Food News or Feature Story

· Margie Grace, Landscape Designer,, "Waking from Our Lawn Coma"
· Natalie MacLean, Wine Writer,, "Culinary Tango"
· Jason Wilson, Editor, The Smart Set, "The Sparkle in Italy's Eye"

Best Food Visual

· David Carson, Photographer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
· Chris Landsberger, Photographer, The Oklahoman
· Richard Stokes, Senior Photographer, Reno Magazine

Best Food Blog

· All We Can Eat, The Washington Post
·, Staff, LA Weekly
· Alison Sherwood, Multimedia Producer, Journal Sentinel

Best Food Essay

· Jane Black, Reporter, The Washington Post, "Snob Appeal"
· Jane Black, Reporter, The Washington Post, "Go Slow, Foodies. It's the Way to Win"
· Leslie Brenner, Restaurant Critic & Dining Editor, writing in Saveur, "The Perfect Food"

Best Food Multimedia Presentation

· Gretchen McKay, Reporter, & Steve Mellon, photographer,
· Kevin Pang, Features Reporter,
· Deborah Pankey, Food Editor, Daily Herald, Arlington Heights, Illinois

· 2010 Winners [Association of Food Journalists via Fishbowl]