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Commercial For UK McDonald's America-Themed Burgers

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McDonald's England is rolling out its "Great Tastes of America" promotion, introducing one new U.S.A.-themed sandwich to its menu every Wednesday for the next five weeks. The commercial to kick things off features: a Mardi Gras parade, a football team taking on a soccer team, a group of Baywatch-esque life guards, and a monster truck invading a quaint English village. America is taking over!

The first of the new burgers is the New York Special, which sounds like an amalgamation of every regional burger trend in the U.S.: a beef patty topped with shredded lettuce, bacon, onions, smoked cheese and onion mayo, between two sesame seed, chile, and chive buns. Next up is The Texas Grand burger. No details on that one yet, but safe money says BBQ sauce is involved!

Video: Commercial For UK McDonald's America-Themed Burgers

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