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Treme Chef Cameos: Colicchio, Chang, Dufresne, and Ripert

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On last night's episode of Treme, David Simon's post-Katrina New Orleans-based HBO show, chefs David Chang, Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert, and Wylie Dufresne had their cameos, playing themselves ("four guys with a lot of attitude," as a waitress describes them). Visiting the restaurant Patois headed by the chef Janette Desautel, they show up unannounced for dinner following NOLA chef John Besh's advice (who didn't call ahead!).

Desautel tosses the menu, saying, "We can't out-New York a bunch of New York chefs, we lowball 'em," inventing a tasting menu of the fly in some really well-executed and believable kitchen scenes. And hooray! They are fans of her food, with Ripert dreamily complimenting Desautel in French, "C'était vraiment délicieux." Colicchio tells Ripert, "A little bit of French in there... Sure, I know what you're after."

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