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The £90 Omelette Rich British People Have Been Waiting For

At last, the omelette gets the unnecessary four-star treatment with the £90 (equivalent to $135 US) version being served at the Boisdale restaurant in London. What goes inside such a pricey breakfast dish? Scottish lobster, crab, Italian shaved truffles and English asparagus, of course.

Also, eggs from the black-headed gull (£5 each) that "can be gathered for only six weeks a year by a small number of licensed collectors." The whole thing is finished off with a splash of fine champagne, well, because, why not? Says one fan of the gull's eggs: "They have a magnificent flavour and make an incredibly light and fluffy omelette. And, of course, they are ridiculously expensive."

· The £90 Omelette! Would you Shell out for Lobster and Gulls' Eggs? [Daily Mail]
[Photo:Daily Mail]

Boisdale Restaurant

202 Bishopsgate, City of London, London EC2M 4, United Kingdom‎