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The New Show Food Buddha With Rodelio Aglibot on TLC

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Premiering June 14th at 10pm on TLC is Food Buddha starring Chicago chef Rodelio Aglibot. The title of the show is actually a nickname Aglibot has had for some time because according to his website he "has been noted to having a 'Zen' like quality and approach to cooking." Also, he is bald, has a pot belly, and flashes a benevolent, warm grin.

On the show, Aglibot will hone his zen-master cooking skills towards the creation of new dishes at his restaurant, Sunda. From the press release:

In each of the two half-hour episodes, Rodelio visits three restaurants in a single city and orders “OOE” – one of each – from the menu. Along with a local food guide, he will take a culinary journey through the restaurant’s culinary offerings, sampling everything and learning the chef’s personal story. Finally, full and inspired, the Buddha returns to his own restaurant, Chicago’s Sunda, to create a brand-new dish.

Only two half-hour episodes! Which means it's a pilot of sorts: If it does well ratings-wise, it'll most likely get picked up.

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[Photo:Chicago Sun-Times]