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British Bankers Blow £60,000 on Bottle Service on a Bet

The best way to celebrate a conservative win in the British general elections: with cartoonishly large bottles of premium champagne and a bevy of young women to share them with. At least that was the case for a team of British bankers on Friday night, who fêted themselves for winning a huge bet on the outcome of the elections at the glitzy, reservations-only club Merah in London. Somehow, the small group of middle-aged finance dudes spent an astonishing £60,000 (equivalent of $89,900 U.S.) at the club in just a few short hours. What is going on England? First the £90 omelette and now this? Anyway, so according to the bill that they left behind, they bought:

· £5,000 for a "Jeroboam" of Cristal (a 3L bottle, or approximately 18 glasses worth)

· £9,000 for a "Methuselah" of Dom Perignon (double the size of the Jeroboam)

· £36,000 for another "Methuselah" of Cristal

· £10,000 for assorted regular bottles of champagne and mixed cocktails.

Also: when the largest bottle of Cristal was brought to the table, the bankers apparently shouted "Down with Brown! Down with Brown!." Classy.

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[Photo: exclusivelondon]

78 Wells Street London W1T 3QL, United Kingdom