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Report: The National Foie Gras Protests Against Thomas Keller's Restaurant Empire

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Foie gras protests [Left: Los Angeles; Right: New York City]

On Saturday, The Animal Protection and Rescue League, the vegan animal rights group, organized a multi-city protest, targeting Per Se in New York, Bouchon in Los Angeles, and The French Laundry in Yountville, CA. The Eater tentacles reach far and wide, and we got reports from the field:

· The protest outside of Los Angeles' Bouchon got a little rowdy, with the group yelling chants directed at chef Thomas Keller, including "You have blood on your hands" and "We will never back down, till you stop the killing." [~ELA~]

· The protest outside of New York City's Per Se was a more timid affair, with participants quietly holding signs and handing out pamphlets. In addition to the ten protesters, there were three dogs. [~ENY~]

· The protest in Yountville was also calm, with protesters peacefully standing around. The French Laundry generously provided lemonade and cookies, which was partaken by most of the protesters.

· Meanwhile, last week the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group responded with a statement that it "consistently endeavors to make extremely conscientious decisions regarding all suppliers with whom we work, and our chefs have specifically selected to source from the most ethical purveyors possible." [~ENA~]