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Killjoy Politicians Put an End to New Restaurants and Bars in D.C. Neighborhood

Over the last few years, the intersection of 14th and U street in Washington D.C. has become a very active restaurant row. But problem: existing zoning restrictions only allow 25 percent of the area's frontage be devoted to restaurants and bars, and the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs ruled that it won't issue any new permits for "restaurants, bars, diners, coffees shops and carry-outs." While the business community wants to get the zoning bumped up to 50%, officials are adamant about the ban. As one D.C. politician told Fox DC: "People don't want U Street, you know, to become Bourbon Street."

The local news segment on the conflict:

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Overcrowded Restaurant Row

14th St NW & U St NW Washington, DC 20009