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Josh Ozersky's Ozersky.TV Gets All Up in Your Tubes

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This morning saw the launch of epicure Josh Ozersky's Ozersky.TV to the internetoblogosphere, featuring daily bite-sized three minute-long video montages. Perhaps the description is best left to Mr. Ozersky himself:

You go to Ozersky.TV for many things: there are the gastronomic spectacles, such as the eye rarely sees; the intimate moments with celebrity chefs, teeming with poignancy; the sybaratic raptures of the host, James Beard Award-winning food writer Josh Ozersky; or, best of all, the privileged access to the inner life of the world’s greatest restaurant city.

Starting with a rather charming video of Katie Lee and him enjoying Egg Foo Yung and Chinese spareribs, we were told that future videos will include a pig roast at Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin; Guy Fieri on how to manage an entourage; a rib "colloquy" at RUB; Ozersky one on one with Rachael Ray; and an "epic journey" to Smashburger. We can't wait.

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