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'This Is the Periclean Age of Bacon' - Ozersky on Nightline

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Last night Nightline ran a segment on bacon — featuring none other than meat expert Josh Ozersky — exploring its cultural importance and bemoaning the bacon-inspired culinary excesses of our era (watch as they spit out the bacon-flavored gumballs). Ozersky, ever the quote machine, dropped some bombs:

1) "Bacon is our history... The lean and the fat run together like the red, white, and blue."

2) "It's not even a renaissance because bacon has never been this big before. It's the classical age of bacon... This is the Periclean age of bacon."

3) "Fat is what I love most about bacon. The fat is the meat, and the meat is the vegetable... It's like a secret tryst."

4) "I didn't start eating bacon because I wanted people to like me. And I certainly am not going to stop because those same people have moved on to the next fashionable flesh."

5) The future of bacon is "infinite, prosperous, a broad, sunlit upland."

· Bacon Bliss [Nightline]

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