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John Besh to Star In Two New TV Shows: Inedible to Incredible and My New Orleans

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New Orleans culinary legend John Besh has not one, but two new TV shows in the works right now. The first, Inedible to Incredible is being produced by TLC and will feature the Beard Award-winning (and currently nominated) chef coming into people's homes to improve their skills behind the stove. Besh told the The Times-Picayune:

It's basically improving the way Americans eat, one ordinary kitchen at a time... I basically come in and say, ‘This recipe is a problem, and I’m here to help. Will you commit to cooking we me for two or three days in your kitchen? If you do that, then I can change the way you cook and think about food forever.

The TLC show is already shot and hits the airwaves June 14. Hopefully it won't be sandwiched in between TLC's other standout shows, Little Chocolatiers and Toddlers and Tiaras.

The second show is going to be an adaptation of his 2009 cookbook My New Orleans, about the restaurants and recipes that have inspired the chef throughout his career. Besh said:

New Orleans has had a TV food show since I was a young boy... I saw it as an opportunity, and talked to chef Paul about it, as a chance to be that ambassador for New Orleans, to get out there and say, ‘Hey, this is a worthy cuisine and a worthy culture.’

My New Orleans is being produced by PBS and will start filming in the Big Easy this week in the same WYES-Channel 12 where chef Paul Prudhomme filmed his cooking show for so many years.
· New Orleans chef John Besh prepping two national TV series [Times-Pic]

[Photo: James Beard Foundation]

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