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Cheesecake: The Winner of Jezebel's Pie vs. Cake Championship

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Voting has officially closed on the bracketed Pie vs Cake championship waged via online poll on Jezebel. And CHEESECAKE WON with 59% of the votes.

The competing finalists were Red Velvet Cake representing the Cake Conference and Cheesecake representing the Pie Conference. Cheesecake's inclusion in the Pie Conference has been a very divisive issue since, you know, "cake" is part of the word "cheesecake." Jezebel, however, justified their categorization, calling cheesecake "a creamy pie — like a DNA test to determine paternity, the cheesecake's crusty base, that which holds it together, confirms it is a pie."

· The Pie Vs. Cake Championship Match: One Dessert To Rule Them All [Jezebel]

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