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Alice Waters Threatens to Do a TV Show

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Alice Waters' newest book, In the Green Kitchen, hits bookstores today. Unlike her previous eight cookbooks, this one isn't focused around dishes from the Chez Panisse kitchen, but rather basic, simple recipes for the novice chef as taught by Alice and few of her famous chef friends including David Chang, Thomas Keller, Charlie Trotter, Lidia Bastianich and Rick Bayless. If the thought of Alice Waters hanging out and cooking with this cast of characters sounds like the premise for a TV show, according to Alice, that reality is not so far off:

"I've had this idea in my head for a very long time to do a television series about the green kitchen. The idea of just coming into conversation with different kinds of cooks and trying to see what we had in common in terms of cooking simply."

Later in the interview, Waters admits she feels that last year's 60 Minutes profile of her was "insulting." Also this: "I just don't want to feel out of touch because I love the way things look and taste or that I'm talking in this idealistic, impractical realm."
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