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Jamie Oliver: French Fries Are Not Vegetables

Jamie Oliver is stunned when told that his stir-fry noodle lunch didn't have enough vegetables, making it a "non-reimbursable meal." In contrast, the chicken patty with french fries and an optional and unwanted side salad qualified. Says Oliver: "When I found out that a french fry was considered a vegetable, it insulted me, it upset me, and it was a small little inkling as to why maybe we have all the problems that we've got."

And that's when he lost it, stopping the french fry line, yelling "As of now THERE ARE NO MORE FRIES." Then he walked around the cafeteria, stealing fries from the kids' trays, wistfully acknowledging that, yes, "taking french fries away from people is a very emotional thing." But it HAD TO BE DONE.

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