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Feds Attempt to Seize Restaurant After Immigration Raid

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In May 2008, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided the 30-year-old bakery and restaurant The French Gourmet in San Diego and arrested 18 undocumented workers. The owners refused to settle the case, apparently over the amount of the fine the government was seeking, what the restaurant's lawyer called “outrageous,” reports Sign On San Diego.

And in a rare move the federal government is trying to seize the property and the restaurant itself: "Prosecutors could have several reasons for seeking the property, legal experts said. They may want to make a prominent example of the restaurant as they pursue businesses that hire illegal workers. Or perhaps they want to increase the stakes and the pressure to get guilty pleas."

[Photo: My Burning Kitchen]

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The French Gourmet

960 Turquoise Street San Diego, CA 92109