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Burger King's Whiplash Whopper, the Mickey Rourkeburger

In anticipation of the May 7th release of Iron Man 2, Burger King has rolled out the Whiplash Whopper, a special burger inspired by Mickey Rourke's laser-whip slinging bad guy from the film. The sandwich features a signature flame-broiled Whopper patty topped with spicy red sauce, Pepper Jack cheese, crispy fried onions and fiery mayo, all for $3.99. Naturally, the food bloggers have already started chiming in with their thoughts on the Rourkeburger, and so far, it's a mixed bag. On to the early word.

The Great News: A blogger over at Half-Assed Productions liked the sandwich so much, he wishes there was more Iron Man-themed fare on the BK menu: "In review, I have to quote Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction: 'Mmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger.' It’s actually really good. If you like your burgers a little spicy, this thing is done up right. It had a little more kick than I thought it would have. But, don’t worry, I can take it. I defeated the Whiplash Whopper. If I only had some IronMan Ice Cream for dessert." [Half-Assed Productions]

The Not-So-Great News: The Phoenix New TimesFry Girl found a little something lacking in all the crazy toppings: “Want a little adventure in your movie promo-patty? The crispy fried onions should take care of that. Piled on and completely without taste, some of them are crunchy while others need Iron Man's repulsor rays to pulverize them into digestible-worthy stomach fodder. And while the pepper jack cheese sounds like a good idea, taste-wise, it doesn't make much of an impact.” [Chow Bella]

The Okay News: The fast food connoisseurs over at Grub Grade had a few issues with the King's low-quality lettuce and tomato topping, but found the special-edition accoutrements appealing overall: "The spicy dressing is indeed spicy. It packs a tolerable kick of heat that has a peppery taste. Crispy red peppers are also piled in the mix and some of them are crunchy while others are just stale and hard. The pepper jack cheese was evenly melted and draped the beef patty completely. Taste-wise, the cheese didn’t make much of an impact. The main players in the Whiplash Whopper are the spicy sauce, crispy onions and of course the beef patty." [Grub Grade]

The "It's Pretty Good" News: A food blogger over at Every View liked the flavor profile, and was surprised by just how much punch the sandwich packed: "The lettuce was fresh, however, and the spicy mayonnaise gave a damn good kick. I was actually surprised that this thing had any real spice at all, but I’d say it’s about on par with BK’s jalapeno laden Angry Whopper." [Everyview]

The Twitterverse:@KlasSiKBFG: That new whiplash whopper is DUMB spicy. I luv it. @yo_rocky: **NEWS ALERT** The Double Whiplash Whopper is pretty good. @hungovergourmet: Burger King's Iron Man 2 Whiplash Whopper? Surprisingly zesty... kinda caught me by surprise. @mksand27: damn man BK put like a whole head of lettuce on my whiplash whopper, im a need u to cut that out!

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