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In-N-Out Burger Does Dallas?

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Texans, rejoice! Rumors are circulating that In-N-Out Burger, the cultishly-adored fast food chain, is potentially opening nine locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When contacted, In-N-Out reps stonewalled, refusing to deny or confirm, which is almost confirmation in and of itself.

Update: The VP of Planning and Development from In-N-Out followed up with us and delivered this statement: "We are, in fact, working on a few site opportunities in the market. However, it is still very early in the process so it would be premature to comment on any specific sites and very premature to speculate as to if/when we might actually be doing business in the Dallas area."

Here are the rumors so far:

Last week, the Advocate floated the rumor that six new sites were said to be under contract, including a former Steak and Shake spot. A day later, D Magazine confirmed similar whisperings from a real-estate friend, who quoted nine potential new locations, all of which are in the suburbs around the city.

The privately owned, never-franchised burger chain has 240 locations to date in California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona, all of which are said to be within a day's drive from the company's Baldwin Park, CA distribution center. The Dallas locations would be the first "east of the Rockies" so to speak, and who knows — if they're moving that far east, perhaps even farther flung locations aren't so far off. Lord knows New Yorkers would love some Double-Double action.

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