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Anthony Bourdain Incites Love and a Marriage Proposal

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Something about Anthony Bourdain stirs people deep in their loins: Last Saturday, during the Q&A segment of his live show in Chicago, Bourdain brought a young couple up on stage, and after a few minutes of banter, the man got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, right in front of Bourdain and a crowd of hundreds of adoring fans.

Bourdain, you see, played a key role in the couple’s early courtship, as the audience found out when Tony handed the young man the mic right before he popped the big question. The guy said he first fell in love with his gal at a previous Bourdain live show, then later when she turned him onto Kitchen Confidential, and that their love only intensified when she would tell him to get off the phone so she could watch food porn. A commenter on Chicagoist wrote that the boyfriend had been working with the producers of the live show since February to make the on-stage proposal happen.

After the man slipped a ring on her finger, and the crowd applauded the happy union, Bourdain snapped back with one of his signature one-liners: “Don’t blame me if this goes horribly wrong!”

Video of the on-stage proposal:

· Anthony Bourdain Wedding Proposal LIVE at CHICAGO SHOW 4/24 [Youtube]

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