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What's Eating You?, an Eating Disorder Reality Show from E!

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Forget competitive eating or extreme foods. Today E! Entertainment Television announced a whole different way to gross you out with food: a new six-part series about compulsive eating disorders called What's Eating You? (working title). The new show will feature real-life people whose lives are threatened by harmful eating habits, as well as the doctors, nutritionists and therapists who try to help them. From the Live Feed we learn it will feature some intense things:

[A] woman who eats a roll of toilet paper dipped in pickle juice every night before bed; another who lives in seclusion and feels compelled to eat twigs, pencil erasers and super-glue.

Also, "a woman who eats everything from paper towels to magazines in her sleep without ever realizing it." The network's VP, Lisa Berger noted: "The prevalence of eating disorders is all too common in a society that can often value looks and appearance above all else." In other words, the show will fit in nicely in a programming block that also includes Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Dr. 90210, and The Girls Next Door.

· E! to Tackle Eating Disorders [The Live Feed]

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