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Food Party! and Dinner With The Band Debut Tonight on IFC

Tonight IFC rolls out new episodes of their food shows, with the heady one-two punch of Food Party! at 10pm, and Dinner with the Band at 10:30pm. On tonight's Dinner with the Band, certified dreamboat and Official Rock and Roll Chef™ Sam Mason will make some traditional Bavarian schnitzel with Rufus Wainwright (whose new album is not rock and roll, but instead a full blown opera). No special guests have been announced for the debut of Thu Tran's Food Party!, but expect the usual mix of cooking segments, puppet interludes, and fever-dream special effects.

Dinner with the Band: Rufus Wainwright and Sam Mason make spaetzle, Rufus talks about working as a bus boy and serving Lou Reed:

Food Party!: Here's a clip of from last season in which Thu Tran makes darkly psychedelic cookies with a chattering puppet creature:

· Dinner With the Band [Official Site]
· Food Party! [Official Site]

[Photo: Thu:maximum fun, Sam:flickr/smoothdude]

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