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Costco Price Tag Prank

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Rob Cockerham of recently made a whole series of fake Costco price tags for things like Ziploc bags ("INGREDIENT BAG FOR FOOD MAKING - $14.99"), hot dogs ("STUFFED ZEBRA - $184.99"), and chicken nuggets ("FROZEN SUPERMODEL 3 LB SACK $51.99").

Then he distributed the tags around around the country so that people could replace the real ones at their local Costco, who then sent in photos. Cockerham wrote: "I am a Costco member, specializing in purchases of bananas and milk. On a recent visit in search of a quality, yet low-priced tequila, I realized that their on shelf price tags are rather generic... And if I can make it, I can prank it."

· The Costco Prank [Cockeyed via Laughing Squid]

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