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Sir Mix-a-Lot: I Like Big Butterfingers and I Cannot Lie

This one gets filed under WHY DID IT TAKE 18 YEARS TO COME TO BE: Sir Mix-a-Lot's 1992 Grammy Award-winning hit "Baby Got Back" — got a corporate revision, changing "I like big butts" to "I like big Butterfingers." And just for the hell of it, the video includes CHiPs Eric Estrada, Buffy's Charisma Carpenter dressed as a cheerleader, and Lou Ferrigno reminding everyone he used to play the Incredible Hulk. (It's part of the bizarre "Butterfinger Defense League" marketing campaign, some manufactured attempt at being "viral.") And as might be expected when one raps about chocolate candy bars, sexual innuendo: abound!

It's certainly less creepy and inappropriate than that "Square Butts" Burger King commercial with SpongeBob Square Pants promoting a kids' meal, twisting "I like big butts" into "I like square butts" (see video below). Either way, that's a lot of mileage off of an 18-year-old hit song!

Video is NSFW depending on where you work.

Video: I Like Big Butterfingers Commercial

Video: Original "Baby Got Back"

Video: Square Butts Burger King Music Video with SpongeBob Square Pants

· The Butterfinger Defense League Presents: I Like Big Butterfingers! [YouTube]